I don’t have an ID card. How can I get it?

Applying for an identity card requires you to visit the NADRA data acquisition units, where officials will ask you for information, take your photo etc. Issuance of CNICs will take 30 days for a normal application and 15 days for an urgent one.

How much will it cost?

Fee for normal applications is Rs. 200 and for urgent applications it’s Rs. 300.

What documents do I need to provide?

If you don’t have any previous registration documents, you will need to provide the CNIC number of any blood relative and Birth Certificate OR Matric/School-Leaving Certificate OR Citizenship Certificate from Ministry of Interior. If you DO have a previous registration document like a Form B or an MNIC, you will need to provide an original or a photocopy of those.
For more details, see NADRA’s checklist.

Can I get it without my family knowing? If not, what excuses can I make for why I want it?

You can definitely get it without your family knowing, as long as you have access to your documents and can get the CNIC number of a blood relative. If they are okay with you wanting to study a course – say it is for that. Or if you have in-laws abroad, you can try to convince them for a family trip and use the opportunity to get an ID and passport made.
For more details, visit NADRA’s website.
Or call them at their UAN:111-786-100

I don’t have a bank account

Current account vs. savings account

Savings account is an interest-bearing account with certain limitations. Since their main purpose is to save money, they usually come with conditions about how much money you can withdraw per month.
Current account is a “general-use” account on which you can write checks, use ATM/Debit cards and have unlimited transactions. Checking accounts can have interest as well, but they usually don’t, and if they do – it’s much lower than the savings account interest.

How do I get one?

You will need to select a bank, and then visit the branch where you intend to open your account. You will be able to acquire an application form which the bank employees can help you fill. Some banks have online application forms on their website. The banks also issue a specimen signature card to record your signature that will be used for future withdrawals.

How much will it cost? How long will it take to open?

Banks have a minimum prescribed amount that needs to be deposited before they open your account. Usually this amount is between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500. You bank account will take around 2 weeks to open, at which point you can collect your cheque book.

What do I need for it?

You will need a copy of your original CNIC and proof of business. If you don’t work, you’ll need to provide the source of income from the family member who supports you financially. Also remember, they will be sending mail to the address you register your account to. Register it to a trusted friend or family member if you don’t want mail coming to your husband’s house.

Can I get it without my family knowing? If not, what excuses can I make for why I want it?

If you don’t work, you probably won’t be able to get it without your family knowing about it since you’ll need a source of income. You could hopefully use some viable excuse for why you want to save money. What about: “I want to save some money from the monthly budget for any future emergencies” or “I want to save money to buy XYZ for the house”?

I don’t have a passport. How do I get one?

You’ll need to visit the Regional Passport Office in order to get your passport. They’ll collect your information, take your photograph and interview you before deciding whether your application will be processed. A list of the passport offices and their addresses can be found here.

How much will it cost? How long will it take?

Normal passports will be available to collect in 12 days and will cost Rs. 3000. Urgent passports will need 5 days and will cost Rs. 5000.

What do I need for it?

You will need an original bank challan, acquired by depositing the passport processing fee at the authorized branches of the National Bank of Pakistan
You will also need your original CNIC and old passport (if any). Dual nationality holders are also required to bring their foreign passports and photocopies.

Can I get it without my family knowing? If not, what excuses can I use for why I want it?

You can most probably get this without your family knowing.
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