On 3rd November, we had the pleasure of hosting a workshop on launching global movements at the Emerge conference.

The event is co-designed and co-organised by The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and Student Hubs, a student-led organisation working in universities across the UK to engage students with social and environmental issues.Emerge engages and connects university students and young professionals aspiring to drive transformational change, with current global change-agents leading entrepreneurial ventures, businesses and sector-defying organisations. You can view the full program here.

Our workshop was titled ‘How to launch a global movement in 3 months’.

The set up of the workshop was to tell the participants about how Chayn created a global movement and also do a short brainstorming excercise. Fortunately, we had the most beautiful workshop room in the conference and we were over the moon to have 50 participants for a lunch time session.

The session started with a little introduction about Chayn through the new video. After that, Adizah Tejani showed participants the famous video about how a dance movement started on the hill with one crazy brave man.

And then there was the time for *drum roll* our creative brainstorming excercise.

Hera asked people to raise their hands for the problem that resonated the most with them:

  • Recruiting volunteers

  • Managing a global population of committed volunteers

  • Getting your message out

Most people wanted to focus on ‘Managing a global population of committed volunteers’ so that’s what we did.

The idea of the brainstorm was that people were seated on 5 tables.  Each table represented a character. Participants were asked to put themselves in the shoes of these characters and think about how they would solve the problem.  And then, they were asked to choose the best ideas and turn them into a practical idea that could be carried out.

 Screenshot (195)

  • Walter White: Get them hooked on drugs = Each year, send a gift to volunteers depending on what they like!
  • Hermione Granger: Read all the books in the world and share that knowledge =
  • Storm: Show a storm to impress the volunteers = Show volunteers the social impact of the cause so they fully understand and appreciate the difference they make to the life of others. This should be done in an impressive and universally underable way (like a Storm!).
  • Joker: Intimidate the families of minions = Invite the families of volunteers to events recognising the volunteer contributions and giving opportunities to volunteers to showcase their contributions.
  • Iron Man: Gift volunteers expensive gadgets = Create a volunteer fund where committed volunteers can be given money as interest-free loan or grant to buy technology such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras.

If you enjoyed doing this excercise – doing this will be even more fun! Sometimes, it is easy to be constrained by routine and resources when coming up with solutions because we can’t take a step back and look at the canvas. Brainstorming is all about perspective. 


Let us know how you get on with this.


Thank you Emerge for letting us host this session!


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